Performance Critique: January 1

The 8PM Show


0m22s No need to address the intro when the front door stuff got a big laugh (although it was a creepy intro)

4m42s Rephrase this sentence to, “I love meeting new people after shows, especially when they buy my DVDs”

5m30s I can cut words by just saying, “I’d at least check for an adams apple first”

8m32s This joke lost them two straight nights, I’m not yet sure where it goes wrong

9m15s This should get a stronger response. It’s probably because I didn’t acknowledge it getting weird in the room after the million point bonus joke.

Part 2


Overall: Mediocre. I had solid but weak laughs for the first eight and half minutes, then lost them on a joke and didn’t acknowledge it and didn’t fully get the crowd back for the rest of the set because of that.

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