Performance Critique: January 22a

Open mic with 6 comics in the audience


0m30s No idea why I decided to open with this joke

1m03s This is 100% true

2m13s Look at the audience for longer

2m42s The rest of this video is me committing to a bit by doing it over and over

3m50s I love that they think I’m kidding about doing this joke over and over

5m34s This is the most fun I’ve had at an open mic in a while

8m22s This is cracking me up watching it again

9m12s This is the comedy version of how a hot dog gets made

9m33s Two actual girls came in to watch

9m44s Made sure they were laughing

Part 2


0m04s Funniest audience comment that I had no response to

0m32s Should’ve said “on sale” instead of “cheaper”

1m26s Say “intimate” not “date”

Overall: I had a lot of fun, and while I didn’t get my joke fully fixed, it got closer. I think this is a great drill to do at open mics where there’s no actual audience members. Try doing the same (new) joke three or four times in a row. One you’ll get more comfortable doing the joke and comics might start laughing just for the ridiculousness of the repetition. They might even pay attention after the second or third time repetition.

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