Performance Critique: January 9c

The midnight show, 8 people in the audience and they’re louder and more fun than some full houses


0m18s They’re high energy so I have to come in super high energy

0m48s This is “talk to them and don’t worry about squeezing in maximum jokes” crowd

1m02s Usually constant input from the crowd is annoying, but I knew this would happen by watching the show and was ready to have fun with it

2m02s This is the classic “crowd wants to have a conversation” situation, the best to do is to sneak material in between the conversation

2m59s That was awesome how she called me out and I was honest about the free account, if I had ignored her I would’ve missed a huge laugh

3m35s Waitress dropped the checks

5m08s I love how this turned into a talk show

5m44s Good job recognizing what was going on and making a joke about it

6m52s This feels like how I usually am at a bar with my friends, except I have amplification

Overall: Although I only got two jokes out in an eight minute set, I had a ton of fun. I don’t mind an audience interrupting occasionally as long as they’re engaged, laughing the rest of the time and their questions or comments make sense. I need to figure out how to be this loose and fun every time I’m on stage.

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