Performance Critique: January 9a

The 8:30 show


1m04s No need to say “That’s like” before doing the announcer voice

1m19s Turn my head straight across instead of turning it down

1m57s This is all premise, so I can say it faster

3m08s It took a while for the Russian family stuff to get going, I need to try to make the setup clearer

4m12s Interesting that the joke got a strong laugh without my doing a hand motion

4m56s I love hearing someone explain the joke in the back

5m47s New joke

5m53s I need to pause between punch lines

6m01s I had to admit that joke didn’t work, and that got the crowd back

Overall: This was great for the first minute and solid for the first five and half. The Russian family joke didn’t work well until the third part which makes me think I can set it up better. The commitment issues shoes joke towards the end of the set was new and needs lots of work.

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