Performance Critique: February 22b

A mixed music and comedy open mic at a bar in Queens


0m35s Starting by calling out the situation in a bar increases the odds people pay attention

3m09s I should’ve addressed the guy yelling out “babushka” the second time he did it

6m05s At least I addressed the loud talking

6m36s I need to control the room a little better, get back to material in less than 30 seconds

Part 2


0m59s Instead of “babies are harmful” say “babies are dangerous”

2m07s Saying “The Goodwill is out of sweaters tonight” is hysterical but really could’ve gotten my ass kicked at this bar

4m22s That doesn’t even make sense

4m48s The guy gave me a fake million dollar bill

Part 3


0m33s That’s a good improv line, I should use that again: “Have you ever held someone?”

3m22s I did 22 minutes before checking my notes, not bad

3m56s Don’t ask him how much time I have left, just keep going until they tell me otherwise

5m58s Good ending, I could’ve pimped my website here by saying “you can help make this work by visiting…”

Overall: I did twenty five straight minutes, which is always hard to do in NYC, regardless of venue. I started out really strong for the first two minutes, especially for a bar, but then I lost some people. I need to work on addressing the situation when people yell things out while not going completely off topic.

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