Performance Critique: December 13

This is the Sunday Writer’s Mic


0m11s I thought that line would hit a lot harder as it was a reference to the previous comic

0m33s Photos and video of me being a trannie coming shortly

0m53s I should smile after that

0m57s Someone said “that’s pretty good”

1m06s He said something about “validation”

1m09s That was mean, but not “ooooo” mean, I was just ready to move on

1m37s I might need to tighten that to “Take out the for and you get “we fight injured children””

2m05s I need to say “If I impregnate someone” not “if I do that”

2m23s I thought house daddy was good, the delivery wasn’t right though

2m45s I need to think of better act outs and follow ups but I like the concept of “mutual enemies”

3m23s I didn’t deliver “I don’t know what the hell that means either” right as I’m trying to rush the first two parts that everyone knows to get to the last part

4m05s It’s really hard to say “tetrahedral carbon crystal”

4m18s It should be “commencing” not “consuming”

4m28s I need to change the explanation and add that I had to google “tetrahedral carbon crystal”

4m52s I think that’s funny

Overall: Not a great set. This was mostly brand new material that I didn’t even get a chance to practice out loud before getting on stage. These jokes all need to be worked and reworked but none of them missed completely enough for me to remove it right away.

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