Performance Critique: December 12

This is me in DC for the second night in a row opening the show for a crowd of around 30


0m06s I really prefer not to have someone say “he’s just starting out” as I think the audience starts thinking “great he sucks”, that might be my imagination though

0m18s The MC said he’d be babysitting the crowd, so I called back to that

0m30s What were the odds that two nights in a row a woman would have similar hair to me

0m53s That’s slightly mean of me but hysterical

2m26s I need to do another “what the hell” look after “Igor loves this”

2m41s That was an instant improvisation

2m57s Comedians laugh at this setup, but actual audience doesn’t

4m11s Should’ve waited another half second as the second round of laughs were about to start

5m48s A little too mean just because I said it so fast, it wouldn’t have come off as mean if I said it slower and more low key

7m05s I could’ve added a tag of “didn’t they teach “not interrupting” in 1795?”

8m01s I’ve watched this three times, and I laugh every time at my fake singing

8m22s I should’ve responded “too bad you’re not driving”

9m25s The hand motion worked better this time

9m57s Not getting a single laugh on my first punch line here was a bad sign

Part 2


0m54s The whole dog joke missed

1m08s This isn’t a joke to go to after I lose the crowd

1m34s I got them back a little bit, but not fully

1m58s Also not a joke to go to if I’m on the brink of losing the crowd

2m47s The delivery is fine, but if I’ve lost the crowd this joke won’t work

3m14s That was a decent fake joke to end it

Overall: Doing well for 10 minutes and sucking for 3 minutes feels like doing well for 3 minutes and sucking for 10. I did really well the first 9 minutes 45 seconds and ate a big fat dick for the last 3 minutes 30 seconds. I went into the dogs joke really randomly, instead of doing a little crowd work about animals first, so the crowd didn’t follow me. I could’ve still won them back but I structure my set so that the “messed up” or “meaner” jokes come towards the end after (presumably) the crowd likes me and lets me get away with more. If I lose the crowd right before the “meaner” stuff it’s not pretty.

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