Performance Critique: April 14

This is back in DC


0m23s If a crowd hasn’t been very good before you, it helps to take control of them right off the bat and tell them what to do, even if it takes up some of your time 

1m50s I need to emphasize both “huge” and “tubes” not just one of them 

2m05s When there’s a big group, teasing one of them will usually get a good laugh 

3m44s There were a couple of Asians up front 

4m46s No need for the “cause they got no options” line 

4m58s I enjoyed the line “what I’m trying to say is that you guys look like you smoke a lot of drugs” even if the crowd didn’t. I cracked up when re-watching this set 

Overall: Not my best set. I wasn’t able to keep the audience’s attention as well as I would’ve liked and I thought I had two more minutes to finish off with the better stuff.

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