Performance Critique: April 2nd

I hosted this show, there were 8 people in the audience and the headliner was Artie Fletcher.


1m12s I did a bunch of crowd work before getting into a joke 

3m30s Since I was hosting, I went back to crowd work after two minutes of jokes 

5m04s A cell phone went off as I was saying that, so I changed the tubes joke a little bit 

5m36s Yeah just between us… and the millions of people who could potentially see this video 

7m01s I like calling someone “good sir” instead of just “sir”, I should remember to that more often

8m12s My tonality didn’t change between “proud and vicious” and “I didn’t even get any snuggle head” it needs to change for the joke to have full effect 

Part 2


This show only had me, a feature and a headliner. And I decided to do a quick joke in between the two. No real comments on it.

Overall: I think I did my job as host pretty well as I interacted with the audience and got them ready to laugh for the two performers. My favorite part was watching the headliner make a small corwd laugh a lot harder than I thought possible. I still got a long way to go to reach that level.

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