Performance Critique: April 1st

Another DC set, I think there were 6 to 8 people in the audience 


2m07s I have a habit of not putting in full energy if nobody is laughing to start a set. So when I said “this is more interesting than my jokes” I meant it. I think the truth got a reaction 

3m14s The guy in the audience cracked me up 

3m38s Maybe I should just be a talk show host… 

5m10s Try to rephrase/shorten to “I’m not being cruel, this is the only way to tell if someone is a keeper” 

6m19s I meant it, and I don’t even smoke 

6m38s My eyes are looking down at the ground too much 

7m05s I should try throwing in the Lehman Brothers thing as an additional line to the pizza pot joke 

9m25s I think I’m actually picking up momentum as I go through the set 

9m35s There’s one guy who keeps saying “wow,” I don’t remember it at the time but he made me dislike him while I watched the video 

Part 2


0m25s And there goes my momentum 

0m43s I like how quitting got an additional laugh 

Overall: I started out weak, got strong in the middle and ended weak again. I think I did better once I spent some time interviewing the audience

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