Performance Critique 31: Feb 18

I hosted an open mic. There were 5 audience members 3 of which sat 30 feet away from me all the way to the left, and the other 2 set 30 feet away all the way to the right. The audience was really good and attentive though.


0m27s When things are malfunctioning, just play along and don’t make a huge deal of it.

1m37s Crowd work can be hit or miss, I try to trust my instincts, but I’m still new, so it’s not always hits.

1m40s Proof that if you keep talking, something funny will eventually come out. This isn’t always true though.

3m50s Even with video, I’m not sure if I’m giving the same look every time. If I’m not, then it’s easy to figure out why it doesn’t always get laughs. If I do the same look every time, and it doesn’t always get laughs, something else is up, but I’m not sure what. I think I have the same tone on this joke every time.

4m42s I didn’t say “since my comedy career is going places” sarcastically enough. I should also change the sentence structure to: “I’ve been trying to come up with a good website name, because my comedy career is going places.”

6m10s Take a longer pause between “that takes” and “tubes” 

6m54s Proof that if you keep talking, you’ll eventually remember what joke you wanted to do next. 

7m45s Do more of an “act out” for the “that was my twin” line 

8m10s Everything after the twin line needs to get cut. 

8m13s This is an example of what to do when nobody laughs. 

9m22s Hold that look for two more seconds, trust that the audience will laugh 

I decided to do two more quick joke between comics.


0m39s Shouldn’t have my hand tucked in. I need to act this bit out stronger and a little over the top.

Overall: I thought I did pretty well with my crowd work and I trust this crowd to know what to remove the unneccessary bits from my facial recognition joke. 

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