Performance Critique 28: Feb 14b

This is the second straight sold out show I did on valentine’s day. I went first this time, right after the host.


1m07s Put my hand to my eyes before I start asking “who is that…” 

2m31s I keep forgetting to do this. If I get off track talking to an audience member, I need to go back a line and repeat it, or else my punch line falls flat. 

3m03s I love it when that line kills so much that I have to start walking around to let everyone laugh comfortably. 

4m27s Just like in my previous critique, I need to have a good response ready. 

4m41s I didn’t have enough time to do the full dating personalities bit, so I cut out some parts. Knowing thatI was cutting “the dinner girl”, I should’ve just went from “She’s homeless now” to “I met a new dating personality, the snuggle slut” without all the words in between. 

5m19s I need to say “everyone in New York” in a more surprised manner. 

Overall: When you go first, it’s harder to expect to kill the whole set as people are still ordering drinks, etc. (Although Seinfeld would still kill.) As long as you get some laughs on every joke, and a big laugh in one or two places, you’re doing pretty well. I really need to remember to rewind to my setups if I start talking to audience members, so that my punch lines don’t lose their punch when the audience forgets what I was talking about.

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