Performance Critique 26: Feb 10

This was the most packed I’ve ever seen this mic. I was 18th out of 18 comics and the crowd went from 20 people to 6 very tired people who wanted to go home. I tried to do my best but they didn’t really want to hear more comedy that night (not everyone was good). So I resorted to doing as much crowd work as possible to keep them engaged. 


0m38s I love that the camera is right by someone closing out their bar tab. 

0m53s Two girls were whispering to each other. That’s 1/3 of the audience, so I had to talk about it. 

1m29s I screwed up my second and third punch lines in the facebook joke. 

1m58s New rule: Don’t ask a second question until you make fun of their answer for the first question. 

3m26s I love how “laugh it up” when nobody is laughing causes big laughs. 

6m01s I messed up the placement of the line “I don’t mean to give the game away.” 

6m26s My head shouldn’t be tilted to such a low angle. I can get my eyes up into my head without that much downward tilt. It looks try hard. 

6m30s Pause two more seconds after “fan base” even if I’m running my time. 

Overall: I thought I did worse than I did before I watched this video. I got some laughs, and they didn’t completely zone out. And I practiced some crowd work. Lesson in all of this, don’t show up so late to a sign up.

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