Performance Critique 25: Feb 08

This was an open mic and I decided to work on a character that I created long before I started doing stand up. 

“Boris” or “Rasputin” was born in October of 2003 when I decided to dress as a Russian Hockey player for Halloween. I speak fluent Russian, so I started going up to girls and speaking Russian, they’d be confused, and then my friend would come by in a minute, “translate” that I say “hi” and that I’m a foreign exchange student and then I’d break into broken English. 


0m35s I was trying to make it ambiguous between “blonde people” and “blind people” but put too much emphasis on it. 

0m54s Any words you don’t understand are Russian. I usually just continue saying the same line I’d usually say, but in Russian instead of English. 

1m03s I can’t have an “or” between my first and second example, as that messes up the flow for the third example. 

1m29s Say “L – U – V” with pauses between letters. 

1m38s I looked down after the punch line, I hate when I do this. 

2m24s Dance dirtier and for longer. 

2m52s I started trying to do a little improv work based on what I thought the character would say. 

3m04s Translated that means “I don’t know what I wanna talk about.” 

3m24s I shouldn’t have laughed there as that screwed up the laughter momentum. 

3m41s I came up with the VCR instruction manual on the spot. 

3m48s I wish I came up with some follow up jokes about that. 

Overall: I did a much better job of staying in character this time than the last time I tried doing a character here. I also had a couple of good improvised lines. That was actually my best joke in the set.

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