Performance Critique 23: Feb 06

This is another set at the place where I bark. There were 8-10 people in the audience and they were spread out. The talking you’ll hear in the background is from the bar outside the room. It wasn’t as bad a last time though.


0m40s I should just say “People love their dogs. They send them to a pet spa…” instead of mentioning how “It’s a messed up kind of love.” That needs to come later. 

0m57s After “gets grandma”, try changing the line to “We really love our dogs, just not enough to keep their reproductive organs. That’s messed up. It’s like if I were to ask him…” 

1m17s I think he said “I like sweaters. You have a very nice one on.” 

1m25s It’s never a good set when my admitting I’m bombing gets the biggest laugh. 

1m38s Step forward when saying “Puppies for Yuppies.” Here, I took half a step backwards and leaned back. 

2m20s Make it “because our standards drop the closer we get to that midnight kiss” instead of “the closer you get” 

2m23s There was a 14 year old boy in the front row that I pointed to. 

3m32s Stop using the “hearing aid” part of the joke right after the deaf part. 

3m50s The sweater guy from above almost died laughing at this line. I wish they made everyone sit up front so that the laughs would get contagious. 

4m00s The sweater guy’s girlfriend said something or other so I had to react. 

4m50s Don’t step back and reach for the mic when first introducing “The Snuggle Slut.” This needs to be more theatrical.

Overall: This was clearly not my best work. I’m starting to find that I need a critical mass of about 15 people in order to get the huge laughs. This isn’t me making an excuse as I’ve seen pros kill a room of 4 or 6 people. I either need to pretend there are more people in the room, or change something about my delivery when there’s less people. Maybe I should walk around the stage more and look at a different group of people after each joke, winning over one table at a time.

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