Performance Critique 21: Feb 03

This was me back in DC (I’ll be there for my day job quite often), there were 3 or 4 real audience members and 7 comics. The show started with a hysterical q&a session with a comic who had served prison time, had an awkward 7 minute set by a 24 year old female virgin, and ended with a 25 minute set about a comic being sexually abused as a kid. Since comedy is the build up and release of tension, this was the most enjoyable show I’ve seen (let alone been a part of) in months. 

0m37s I’ve started taking longer and longer pauses when I know something is funny. 

0m50s Don’t say how many steps it is. Just explain the get rich quick scheme. This will cut unnecessary words. Something like “I wanna get laid off so I have time for my get rich quick scheme. I’m gonna gain 200 pounds and then convince the government I’m too big to fail.” 

1m05s I keep playing with changing this joke between lots of hours and lots of days, maybe I should just stop telling it. 

1m23s It seems awkward that I went into the dogs thing without a question or any sort of transition. That caused nobody to laugh at “We don’t love our dogs enough to let them keep their reproductive organs.” 

2m55s Comics love the “I just assume they’re deaf” joke. 

3m16s Add “dot com” after the child molester. 

6m13s Maybe I should try “If you start blowing me while I’m still on stage, you got HUGE TUBES.” 

6m29s The long pause strikes again. 

6m34s Some guy said “I didn’t want to laugh at that but I did.” 

7m05s One of the other comics did a 7 minute set about how she’s a 24 year old virgin (and she wasn’t fat or ugly). She’s the one who asked, “Really?” 

7m36s I should’ve said “DC” instead of “New York” to stay local and relevant. 

Overall: I was trying to be “more animated” with my delivery. Watching it, I’m not sure I was any more animated than usual. I got one big laugh and chuckles at the rest of it. I’m neither thrilled nor disappointed at my performance.

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