Ben Releases His 5th Comedy Album “Geopolitical D*ck Jokes”

I’m excited to announce my fifth comedy album!

Available on: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | Deezer

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the official description:

With 100 million+ views on TikTok, Russian-Jewish immigrant turned stand-up comedian Ben Rosenfeld raises the bar in his incredible new comedy special “Geopolitical D*ck Jokes.”

Dirty and nerdy, witty and observational, Ben’s joyfully dark jokes cover such hilarious topics as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, near-death AirBnBs, his bilingual toddler’s use of language and his wife’s inability to let him sleep in peace, with d*ck jokes as the cherry on top. And of course, every Ben special also has some crowd work and improv with the audience.

Get it now on: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | Deezer



“You’ll not only learn something new, you’ll gain an edge for future geopolitical debates, especially if they involve d*cks”

-Joanna Rapoza from Rise Up and Write

Ben’s Newest Book Now Available!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my and Michelle Slonim’s new book!

New Parent Smell book cover

Giving Mirth: Funny Thoughts On Pregnancy, Newborns & Tots is an illustrated humor book that helps ease the stress of parents-to-be.

Giving Mirth is the book to read after you’ve read one of those “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” type books, got hit with anxiety and could use some laughs.

Learn more or buy a copy here

(Giving Mirth was originally titled New Parent Smell but has since been rebranded.)

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