Performance Critique: November 5

This is me at an open mic mostly working out new jokes related to my dropping out of school


0m08s Yes I’m seriously considering this as my stage name. I’ve even registered (I hate that the dot com was taken).

0m29s I should use my hands more in this act out to convey emotion

0m49s This wasn’t a written part of my joke. I just called out the situation as I felt it… hopefully real crowds (aka non comedians) will laugh at the other bits of this, but if not I at least have a way to get them back.

1m34s The setup should be clearer, maybe something like “I knew I should quit grad school when I realized…”

1m41s Smile

1m47s No need to explain it

1m50s Great improvised tag about PCC (Pasadena Community College), referencing community college should become part of the joke.

2m22s Not sure if the TA opening for me bit is keepable

2m38s That was also an improvised line

2m56s I think it’s the Mormons and not the Jehovah’s witnesses that go door to door

3m09s Take a longer pause after “intolerable” before moving

3m27s This would’ve been a great time to say “wow it got really sad here again”

4m55s I had to go to one old joke because someone else talked about a topic that reminded me of it

Overall: I think this is the best response I’ve ever gotten at an open mic. While I’d like to think it’s all due to the material, I think a lot of it was due to me momentarily stopping my material in the beginning and calling out the situation of “did that get really sad for a minute?”

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