“Write Your Book In A Flash” Quotes

I recently read “Write Your Book In A Flash: The Paint-by-Numbers System to Write the Book of Your Dreams – Fast!” by Dan Janal (published by TCK). Here’s the quotes I found most interesting.

“Best-selling authors start writing their book with the book description. This exercise helps you get focused and lets your ideal readers know immediately if they want to buy your book.” (25)

“Don’t say the book is for everyone… No one wants to buy a book for everyone. They want to buy a book that speaks to them.” (27)


“‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ -Albert Einstein” (71)

“Readers buy your book for one purpose: to solve a problem. If you can show you understand who they are, what motivates them, and what keeps them up at night, you will earn a reader.” (71)
“Here’s a surprise alert: People like to see you are vulnerable and have made mistakes. People don’t want to sit at the feet of infallible experts. They want to relate to people like them who have battle scars, who have tasted defeat, and who learned from their mistakes. Readers pay you to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes.” (72)

“‘That’ Can usually be removed. If it sounds good without it, you’re set. If it sounds awkward, keep it.
‘The’ can be cut sometimes.
‘The’ can be cut if it refers to a noun, and you can make the noun plural.
A prepositional phrase start with ‘of,’ could be rewritten.
Prepositional phrases using ‘of’ can be deleted sometimes.
Is/are and a verb ending in ‘ing’ can be changed to the verb form only.
Usually you can cut these words: very, now, just, only, and even. Read the sentence without the word. See how it looks. Hear how it sounds. If it sounds good, then cut the words.” (132)

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