The Decision Point

“I reached the point where I had to decide, do I want to persue comedy full time, or do I want to keep my corporate job?  I decided to stay with the corporate job.

As I was getting better, the guys higher up than me kept telling me that I was going to reach a point where I couldn’t hold down a full time job and keep progessing in comedy. I didn’t understand what they meant until after I’d been passed to a few clubs and was doing regular paid spots all over the city every night. 

This was actually my first time on stage in two years. I only came back for a little practice before I do a friend’s benefit show. This is a one time thing though, I’m not making a comeback.”

This guy showed up yesterday at the Sunday Mic and killed at a room full of comics. He seemed at peace with his decision, but I think talking to other comics afterwards hit him with some nostalgia and he may have even reconsidered his path for a second.

When I reach the decision point that he had, I hope for two things: 1) That a job in academia will allow me to do comedy, teaching and research without having to give any of those up and 2) If I can’t do both, I’ll man up and go for the chance at comedy

Here’s an interesting decision tree I came across that I want to share:

Do I want to do stand up professionally? Yes. Will it likely end in diasaster? Only if being poor for a while is considered disaster. And if I’m at the level where I can do it professionally, it sure as hell will make for a good story.

What would you do in a similiar situation if your passion/serious hobby and day job came to a crossroads and you had to pick one? Is there a wrong decision to make? What questions do you ask yourself to make a major decision?

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