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This 25 page book covers my decision to drop out of graduate school to pursue comedy and how you can use the lessons I’ve learned to find your passion before it’s too late.

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More Big Laws from Big Ben

After I made up a law in my snowboarding post, people have been asking me what other laws I have. So without further ado, I present:

Big Ben’s Big Law #173

Anything you write will sound stupid when you read it one year later  — other people may not realize this. In fact, it’ll sound smarter to them.

Big Ben’s Big Law #1

If you’re gonna lick it, stick it.

Lick it
Law #1 in action. What did you have in mind?


Big Ben’s Big Law #327

Sell 1% of your stock for every high priced consultant your company hires. (The consultants are good, the fact that your company needs them isn’t.)

Big Ben’s Big Law #4

If you have to rely soley on other people’s laws, you’re never gonna be king.

Big Ben’s Plagerized Law #983

You need at least 10,000 hours of practice at a skill (Malcolm Gladwell) to acquire fingerspitzengefuhl (try saying that fast five times, or read about John Boyd and the OODA Loop).

Big Ben’s Big Law #2

Follow what interests you, you probably won’t end up where you originally intended but it will make sense when you look back at it.


I’ll post more later, as I’ve just committed myself to having at least 983 laws.

Why I Won’t Be a Professional Snowboarder

I’m pretty good at snowboarding. In fact, at this current moment, I’m much better at snowboarding than I am at stand up comedy. Last year, when I was frustrated with my day job, I thought about becoming a snowboarding instructor. I even looked into the certification process.

Ben getting some air

The snowboarding instructor idea is now dead. For my Christmas vacation, I spent 6 days snowboarding. The last 3 days of the trip, I didn’t want to get out of bed or get on the slopes. Especially the last day, when I got upset that the weather got better and we were going to go to the lifts. I learned that my maximum tolerance of snowboarding is 3 days.

Which brings us to Big Ben’s Big Law #62: Don’t consider turning a hobby into a career if you can’t do it for 10 straight days.

I’ve done comedy for 10 straight days and not been tired of it (tired of the lack of response at the open mics, yes, but not tired of comedy) so there’s hope…

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