I Killed

“Stand-up comedy is more a sport than an art — like a boxer, you know exactly how the fight went by the time you get off stage.” -Jerry Seinfeld (poorly paraphrased)

“In football, you’re never as bad as you seem, and you’re never as good as you seem.” -Greg Schiano, Rutgers Football Head Coach (less poorly paraphrased)

On Saturday I had my best response from a crowd to date. I was so pumped with how well I paced myself and how many laughs I got that I spent the rest of the night drinking to the point where I couldn’t speak.

The next morning I reviewed the video. While it confirmed that I did great, I noticed a bunch of places where I could’ve done significantly better. I’ve heard top notch professional comics say that if you can get big laughs at 80% of your shows, you’re doing great. My long term goal is still 100% but 80% is the new road marker.

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