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I recently read “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal with Ryan Hoover. Below are the quotes I found most interesting. If you like the quotes, buy the book.

“Habits form when the brain takes a shortcut and stops actively deliberating over what to do next. The brain quickly learns to codify behaviors that provide a solution to whatever situation it encounters.” (16)

“Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of building products that are only marginally better than existing solutions, hoping their innovation will be good enough to woo customers away from existing products. But when it comes to shaking consumers’ old habits, these naive entrepreneurs often find that better products don’t always win – especially if a large number of users have already adopted a competing product.” (23)

“John Gourville stipulates that “many innovations fail because consumers irrationally overvalue the old while companies irrationally overvalue the new.” (23)

“If you have ever grumbled at your mother when she tells you to put on a coat or felt your blood pressure rise when your boss micromanages you, you have experienced what psychologists term reactance, the hair-trigger response to threats to your autonomy.” ((121)

“To change behavior, products must ensure the users feel in control. People must want to use the service, not feel they have to.” (125)

“Businesses that leverage user effort confer higher value to their products simply because their users have put work into them. The users have invested in the products through their labor.” (138)

“The incessant need for a smoke in what was once a majority of the adult U.S. population has been replaced by a nearly equal compulsion to constantly check our electronic devices.” (175)

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