Featured Fresh Pal on Fresh Pow

So I occasionally read through the three times a day Help A Reporter Out emails to see if there’s any questions I can answer and be quoted for in books, articles or online. Yesterday, my girlfriend (yes I have one — long story short, I lost a game of rock paper scissor) sent me a link about a snowboarding interviews. Well I love snowboarding so I replied to the query. I received a questionnaire from Fresh Pow and now I’m featured on their front page. The permalink is here.

The company creates custom made stickers for decorating your snowboards and skis, among other things. I’d totally order a custom sticker that had a picture of myself and a said BigBenComedy.com on it… anyone feel like designing a 3″x10″ or a 4″x6″ sticker for me?

Photo of me snowboarding, I’m sorta legit

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