Comedy Goals for 2010

Since writing down goals worked so well last year, I’m going to do it again. So here are my comedy goals for this coming year.

Side note: I recommend everyone write down their goals (not necessarily comedy) somewhere and not look at them for six months. You’ll be surprised how much of them you’ll have achieved.


  • Get on stage 450 times this year
  • Do at least 8 road gigs
  • Perform at 3 different colleges
  • Perform at Rutgers University twice
  • Bark only 1-2 nights per week while having spots 6-7 nights a week
  • Average 4 spots per weekend night
  • Get passed at 2 different clubs in NYC
  • Practice my full set at home daily
  • Enter 5 comedy contests, place in 3 contests and win 1
  • Enter 5 comedy festivals, get accepted and perform in 2
  • Perform in 15 improv shows
  • Perform in 3 sketch shows
  • Act in 20 web videos
  • Give my motivational speech 20 times (details coming soon!)
  • Get booked to 2 commercial / modeling gigs
  • Get a TV / Film credit


  • Produce my own weekly show where the average attendance is 30 people
  • Start or join an improv group
  • Run a weekly open mic


  • Write every morning
  • Get up to having 45 solid minutes of stand up
  • Write 75 blog posts that are not performance critiques
  • Write a performance critique of every set within a week of the performance
  • Write 52 sketches
  • Write a spec script
  • Write a pilot for my original sitcom


  • Take 3 improv classes
  • Take 2 film acting classes
  • Take a commercial auditions class

Traffic, Marketing and Finances:

  • Get my facebook fan page up to 1,000 fans
  • Get to 200 RSS subscribers
  • Get 2,000 unique visitors a month to the blog
  • Earn $8,400 from comedy this year
  • Find a 20 hour a week job that pays $40 an hour (doesn’t have to be comedy)
  • Have my ebook downloaded 5,000 times (details coming soon!)

Holy crap, I just set 35 goals! I can barely count that high. Last year I had 14 goals and achieved 12 of them. Here’s to achieving the same proportion of goals this year!

3 Replies to “Comedy Goals for 2010”

  1. Hey Ben,

    Firstly, I downloaded your ebook, and thought it was great. Props for that.

    As far as writing sketches and sitcoms etc, have you tried using xtranormal.com? You can basically do text-to-speech scripts to make short films, it’s awesome. You should check it out.

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