Comedy Goals for 2009

This past summer I tried writing down goals for the first time ever. I didn’t look at the list until a few days ago, and realized that I had managed to complete, or come close to completing, ALL of the goals I wrote down. I think it was in Finding Your North Star that the author wrote something like “There is something magical about writing down your goals. It’s as if by comitting it to paper, you’re much more likely to achieve them.” Since I’m more likely to lose paper than blog postings, without further ado, here are my comedy goals for 2009:


  • Get on stage 150 times this year
  • Submit an entry to 2 comedy festivals / comedy contests this year
  • Perform at 3 college shows
  • Do 50 shows in front of a real (people that are not comedians) audience (barking for time counts for this)
  • Practice 10 minutes of my material outloud each day, without notes


  • Start producing a recurring show


  • Write 100 blog posts
  • Write (something, anything) every day
  • Write one spec script
  • Write 5 short sketches


  • Take an improv class

Traffic & Marketing:

  • Get my facebook fan page up to 150 fans
  • Get 50 RSS Subscribers
  • Have 200 unique visitors a month to the blog

6 Replies to “Comedy Goals for 2009”

  1. You forgot one goal – make your girlfriend actually think you are funny.

    But by crossing off the “take an improv class”, you might have actually met that the making me laugh goal too. 🙂

  2. I wonder how that bitch Laura is doing 🙂

    WIth my luck you’re married now and think I’m an asshole. I’m betting she’s all but forgotten though.

    1.18 years in baby and looking to make some goals and this is where google pointed me. Pleasantly surprised. I think I’m going to pull up all your goals and go over my favorite ones on my next podcast…

    Good luck sir and thanks for some inspiration!


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