“Close Your Eyes, Get Free” Quotes

I recently read “Close Your Eyes, Get Free: Use self-hypnosis to reduce stress, quit bad habits, and achieve greater relaxation and focus” by Grace Smith. Below are the quotes I found most interesting. If you like the quotes, buy the book here.

“There’s a connection in my brain that I no longer want to have. It was built through repetition (or shock or trauma), and it can be unbuilt.” (36)

“Approximately one-third of our developed habits are a direct rebellion against our parents (guardian or most dominant authority figure in our life), and two thirds of our developed habits are a result of mimicking our parents. We either rebel or mimic, and our subconscious mind doesn’t know any different path than to either be the same as our parents or to be the exact opposite of them.” (44)

“A fantasy mechanism to benign gently shifting our thoughts is to add “every day in every way, I am ___ more and more.” This way the subconscious just has to believe that we are learning to love ourself, we are learning to be proud of ourself and so on.” (55)

“The number one reason why personal transformation often doesn’t last is that nearly everyone is trying to make subconscious change from conscious efforts.” (149)

“When you focus on living your best life instead of fixing everyone else, you end up making a lasting contribution to this world. It’s a benefit to everyone who spends time with you.” (165)

“Stress gives us tunnel vision. It takes an already egomaniacal society and makes it even more about “me, me, me.” I’m stressed, so the barista had better make my coffee now, faster, faster. I’m stressed, so I can be mean and say things I don’t mean to my assistant/spouse/friend/stranger and take them back later.” (210)

“Somehow, we manage to believe our stress is more important than that of everyone around us. The truth is, we use stress as a way to express in desperation, “I’m important,” and this, in turn, becomes an excuse for poor behavior. This is the opposite of taking responsibility.” (211)

“Think about things you just don’t like to do and write them down on a piece of paper.

Circle any of those where you remember having had a bad or embarrassing experience as a child.

Ask yourself, could this experience have anything to do with why you don’t like the other items on the list?

In what ways has the avoidance of each of these items impacted your life?” (214)

“For just one day, love yourself as much as you love your dog (or cat or your favorite sports team – whatever floats your boat).

Do what makes your tail wag! Feed yourself only the best out of love. Forgive and forget in the same instant. Go for the ball, and wag your tail when you miss. Wag your tail when you catch it, and take a nap because they’re great.” (218)

“To show your bright, clean, sparkling emerald in this world of dusty blocks of concrete is your sole charge.” (245)

Liked the quotes? Buy the book here.

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