2020 Comedy Goals Revisited

On January 1st, 2020 I posted my goals for this year. Since it’s the last day of the year, it’s time to go through them and see how I did. Although given the global pandemic this year, this is more of an exercise in “Man makes plans and God laughs” then it is an actual review of goals.

Black text is the original goal and bold text is how I did. 

Stand Up (3 out of 6 accomplished)

  • Perform at least 500 times
    Nope. This was the first thing to become impossible in March 2020.
  • Create 40 new minutes of material that I try on stage, turn 20 of those minutes into “A” jokes
    Nope. Once live performance shut down, I turned my writing focus onto other projects.
  • Write 5/7 days of every week
    Yes. This I did. Whether journaling, working on scripts or something else, I wrote most days.
  • Have Amazon Prime Video stream my new comedy album on their platform (as well as an abridged version of my third album)
    Yes. My special went live on Amazon in April.
  • Get my new comedy album “Don’t Shake Your Miracle” to #1 in the iTunes Comedy charts
    The audio album got to #1 on Amazon Music and #2 on iTunes, so I’m counting this as a yes.
  • Do a stand-up set on TV or Netflix that airs in its entirety (not a stand-up clip show)

Writing/Producing (non-standup) (3 out of 4 accomplished)

  • Publish my second book
    Yes. The book came out in November.
  • Create and release 3 new sketch videos
    Yes. I created more than 3 new sketch videos, mostly at the start of the pandemic.
  • Develop and film a sizzle reel for my gameshow idea
    Yes. This is now a virtual show that has been booked at colleges, corporations and non-profits. Technically it’s different than the TV version, but I’m counting this as completed.
  • Sell a TV show and get it on air
    Nope. Wrote a new show but still in the process of pitching.


  • Take at least one class (0.5 out of 2 accomplished)
    Did not take a class. But I did self-learn OBS Studio and GarageBand. I also picked up how to properly use TikTok and greatly improved my Photoshop skills. So I’m giving myself half credit.
  • Read 20 books
    Read fewer than 20 books. No more travel + small child always around = less reading.

Financials (0 out of 1 accomplished)

  • Earn $50,000 from entertainment-related business income
    Hahaha, no, hahaha.

Misc (0 out of 1 accomplished)

  • Average weight of 176 pounds or less
    Hahaha, no, hahaha.


Top 5 Goals (2 out of 5 accomplished)

  • Publish my second book Yes
  • Create 40 new minutes of material that I try on stage, turn 20 of those minutes into “A” jokes No
  • Perform 500 times No
  • Average weight of 176 pounds or less No
  • Develop and film a sizzle reel for my gameshow idea Yes

Overall notes: This was the second year I separated “things I can control” vs “things I can’t control” except the pandemic changed some of what was in my control. Considering how weird a year it’s been, I’m quite surprised that accomplished 6.5 out of my 14 total goals, and 2 out of my top 5. In a regular year, this would be so-so achievement, but in 2020, grading a curve, I’m giving myself an A+ 🙂

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