2012 Comedy Goals Revisited

On January 1st, 2012 I posted my goals for this year. Since it’s the last day of the year, it’s time to go through them and see how I did. Black text is the original goal and bold text is how I did.

Performing (2 out of 7 goals accomplished):

– Perform in 400 shows and 300 open mics
I was on stage a total of 687 times. I did 171 open mics in front of comedians and 416 shows in front of non-comedians. This number is close enough that this counts as a yes.
– Do 50 road gigs
Did 23 road gigs.
– Kill for 10 sets in a row
Did not kill for ten sets in a row.
– Have 5 killer 30+ minute sets
Did not do 5 sets greater than 30 minutes in length, regardless of how they went.
– Become a regular at two new NYC clubs (where I perform at least once a week)
Became a regular at one new club.
– Get consistent paid work with two new out of town bookers
Got multiple bookings with one new booker.
– Perform in 5 comedy fesitvals/competitions
Did two festivals and three competitions.
Writing (0 out of 4 accomplished):
– Create 24 new “A” minutes of material
I have about 15 new minutes that I didn’t have at the start of the year but I wouldn’t call all of it “A” material. And I reworked the material I had.
– Write at least 3 more episodes of my sitcom idea
Did not write any additional scripts of my sitcom idea but developed a full pitch kit including video, visually appealing packet and my presentation skills.
– Tweet one “current news” joke a day
Did not tweet a new joke a day. Realized I don’t love writing current news jokes.
– Conduct and post 24 new “Hi-Tech Comedy” interviews
Did not do 24 new HTC interviews.

Learning (1 out of 3 accomplished):
– Continue at least bi-weekly with my 1 on 1 acting coach
Did not have 26 additional acting sessions.
– Take 2 improv or sketch classes
Took one improv class, one sketch class and one pitch class.
– Become intermediate to advanced in Apple Final Cut X and Motion X
Become advanced in Final Cut X. Still can’t figure out Motion X.

Producing (1.5 out of 3 accomplished):
– Get at least one episode of my sitcom pilot produced
Did not get an actual episode produced. Closest I came was making a sizzle reel.
– Create and post 12 video sketches
Created more than 12 video sketches. Mostly for my 15sec episode web series Garden Variety Comedy.
– Run a weekly comedy show with average attendance of fifteen audience members
Ran a weekly show but the average attendance was closer to ten audience members.

Acting (1 of 3 accomplished):
– Go out on 24 auditions
Did not go on 24 auditions.
– Book 3 paid acting gigs
Booked more than 3 paid acting gigs – all voice work.
– Get a TV credit
Did not get a TV credit.

Video Editing (1 of 1 accomplished):
– Film and/or edit 25 videos for other projects (not counting stand up gigs)
Filmed and/or edited over 25 videos.

Traffic, Marketing and Financials (0 out of 4 accomplished):
– Sell out my first order of DVDs (details coming soon)
Did not sell out my DVDs. Buy one here.
– Sell 1,000 album downloads on iTunes (details coming soon)
Did not sell 1,000 album downloads.
– Earn $15,000 from entertainment business related income
Did not earn $15,000.
– Get affordable health insurance (welcome to America 2012, where this is a comedy goal)
Still no health insurance. Only 1 more year til Obamacare.

Top 6 Goals (from the above) – 2 fully accomplished, 2 half achieved, 2 missed.
– Create 24 new “A” minutes of material
– Kill for 10 sets in a row
– Get at least one episode of my sitcom pilot produced
– Become a regular at two new NYC clubs (where I perform at least once a week)
– Film and/or edit 25 videos for other projects (not counting stand up gigs)
– Perform in 400 shows and 300 open mics

Overall: 6.5 / 25. I felt good about my accomplishments for the year until I went through this list. I clearly didn’t do as much as I set out to do but I did an okay job with my top 6 goals. And feel I at least made progress towards most of the goals.

2013 Goals Coming Tomorrow.

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