Performance Critique 32: Feb 19

This was an open mic that had about 15 audience members. Coming off the stage I felt this was the worst set I had in a really long time, but let’s go to the video tape:


0m21s I should smile when I get up there. Don’t rush into the jokes so much. 

0m34s Pause if they applaud so nobody misses the punchline. 

0m44s This delivery needs to be “angrier”. 

1m18s If I’m gonna say someone hates their dog, I should repeat what they say first, just so everyone hears it. 

1m42s It’s much funnier when I have one hand cupped out in front of me like I’m holding the balls. 

3m44s I should give a 5 word synopsis of the saw movies before doing this joke 

4m21s Pause after “I believe in women’s rights.” 

4m32s Change “you gotta see how long you can stay in” to “you gotta see how long you can hold on” 

Overall: The video doesn’t make it seem as bad as it felt up there. I feel I could’ve gotten much bigger laughs from this crowd and as soon as I got off stage, I was wishing I could get up again.