Performance Critique: March 28th Show 2

This was the second show of the night, and I barked for this one.


0m14s The guy before me was being vulgar with the ladies in front and they were enjoying it. I learned during his set that they worked for the PTA, so I came up with my little add on. 

1m00s Interesting how I don’t get the big laugh until I throw in the facial expression 

1m47s Turned a little too far to the left side of the stage, I should turn my head not my body 

2m25s Interesting how the dog joke isn’t working as well as usual 

2m36s But the little joke at the expense of an audience member still works 

2m58s Interesting how “puppies for yuppies” gets the big laugh, it usually doesn’t much response 

3m35s More emphasis on “unemployment” 

4m45s Don’t ask if it’s Saw, say it in the beginning 

4m58s This whole first date can be tightened 

5m07s I’m not delivering this emotionally enough, the delivery should be like “here’s an awesome crazy idea” 

5m47s I think a hyena is dying in the back 

Overall: This was much better than my first set of the night but I’m not sure why most of the dog joke didn’t’ work.

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