Performance Critique: March 27

This is the place where I bark for time on weekends. I don’t remember how many people were in here but it wasn’t more than 12. 


0m04s The MC needs to pause before saying my name 

1m37s I messed up the word order, it should be “if you get up here and start making out with me while I’m in the middle of my jokes, I’m looking at you” 

1m56s I could’ve interacted with his overly enthusiastic “Yes I do” a bit more 

3m11s Don’t use the word “care” twice and say “dog dies” not “killed” 

4m27s I purposefully skipped the “if the two of you can survive a psychos booby trapped abandoned warehouse” because I was running short on time 

4m49s I didn’t pause long enough after my explanations because I was rushing to not go over my time 

Overall: Something was off and I didn’t get as good a response as I would have liked. It’s possible they weren’t warmed up / drunk yet as I went early in the show. More likely my delivery was off or I lost them somewhere between 0m30s and 1m30s. I’m not as conversational sounding as I am in other sets.

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