Performance Critique: January 3a

This is me hosting the writer’s feedback mic and doing almost all new material


0m28s This was a new tag on an existing joke, not bad

0m46s Pause longer

1m02s I’m not sure if this is misogynistic, I think it’s funny

1m39s Not sure about keeping this joke

1m49s I like this one liner and it worked

2m02s Another okay one liner

2m24s I forgot to put in the word “nifty” before “answering machine”

3m07s When I actually respond like this in real life, it gets a laugh

3m31s This joke needs to be punched up or discarded, I think the premise is funny cause it’s true

4m12s Try repeating the fortune a second time but more incredulously

4m22s Another decent one liner, I should expand on it

Overall: A lot of the new stuff has some promise but everything but the one liners need major work. No one joke stood out as being exceptionally hysterical and the craigslist roommate and customer service jokes are in need of the most rewriting.

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