Performance Critique 27: Feb 14a

I barked Saturday night and pulled in 14 people to the two shows that I did. Both shows were so packed and sold out, that I had to run my camera from the control room. When that door is closed, you can’t hear the laughter as much.


0m38s I stumbled over some words and had to repeat them. “Clap only if you’re here with the person you hooked up with…” is awkward to say. I have yet to think of a better way to convey the point without adding words. 

0m44s If two people clap, I shouldn’t say “exactly no one” but should say “see, almost no one.” It’s best not to make it seem that I don’t consider some people to be people… 

1m36s If people clap, there’s no need to say “you got social networking sites like myspace and facebook” 

2m12s No need to say “then I’ll stop asking people” as I think I’m the only one who noticed I started three straight bits with a question. 

2m23s Use grammar: “They’ll put him to a pet spa”, god I hate myself sometimes.

3m56s Pause for a second longer after “this or tennis” 

4m41s My new “myspace” line has been getting a mix of laughs and “oooo’s” so I’m trying to think of a follow up line. As of Feb 20 (the day I’m writing this post), I think I’m going to try “Man, they didn’t tell me this was a child molesters convention” or “wow, I hope you’re all registered pursuant to Megan’s Law.” 

4m55s Don’t move until they start to get the joke. It shows a lack of confidence. 

4m57s The show was so packed they set up a table on the side of the stage and put two more people there. I decided to high five them, cause high fives are awesome (and my joke didn’t get a great response, so I mighta panicked a little). 

5m27s I said the word “actually” with the wrong tonality and ruined the punch line.

5m43s Pause for an extra second while holding the shot glass and try to force the laugh 

6m09s By reacting to an audience member saying “oh shit” the rest of the audience lost their way a little and my fan base punch line didn’t hit very well. 

6m24s I got more time than I planned so I wound up closing with a joke I don’t usually close with. 

6m43s Ta-ta-ta taaa, bad grammar strikes again! What the hell is a “stripper-subway pole” 

6m44s If I’m gonna grind on the pole, I should grind on it for a while. 

7m00s Try a call back to the crazy sound. 

Overall: Not counting the few stumbles over my words, I got good laughs and the crowd had fun. I didn’t feel great when I came off stage, but when I listened to the voice recording, I felt much better.

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