2019 Comedy Goal Revisited

On January 1st, 2019 I posted my goals for this year. Since it’s the last day of the year, it’s time to go through them and see how I did. Black text is the original goal and bold text is how I did. 

Performing (2 out of 6 accomplished, one more still in progress)

  • Record my fourth comedy album
    Completed! “Don’t Shake Your Miracle” will be out on February 7th. More details coming shortly.
  • Publish my second book (details coming soon)
    In process. I have about 40 illustrations completed and the book text complete, but it’s taking longer than anticipated.
  • Perform 500 times
    Performed 569 times
  • Do a stand-up set on TV or Netflix that airs in its entirety (not a stand-up clip show)
    Did not do a TV/Netflix set
  • Do two acting gigs (non-stand up) that air on TV
    Did not have two TV acting gigs
  • Perform at a NACA showcase
    Did not perform at a NACA
  • Perform at 10 colleges
    Did fewer than ten colleges

Writing/Producing (2.75 out of 4 completed)

  • Create 40 new minutes of material that I try on stage, turn 20 of those minutes into “A” jokes
  • Write 5/7 days of every week
  • Film a sequel to The Slice and create 4 more videos
    I co-created a sequel called “The Shakedown” and created some other videos, although they were all part of one web series, so I’m only giving myself 75% credit
  • Sell a TV show and get it on air
    Did not sell or get a show on air, although I came close more than once

Learning (2 out of 2 accomplished)

  • Take at least one acting class
    Took one sketch acting class
  • Read 20 books
    Read 23 books

Financials (0 out of 1 accomplished)

  • Earn $40,000 from entertainment related business income
    Did not earn $40,000

Misc (0 out of 1 accomplished)

  • Average weight 176 pounds or less
    Weight was above this


Top 5 Goals (2 out of 4 accomplished, one still in progress)

  • Record my fourth comedy album Yes
  • Publish my second book Halfway done
  • Create 40 new minutes of material that I try on stage, turn 20 of those minutes into “A” jokes Yes
  • Do a stand-up set on TV or Netflix that airs in its entirety No
  • Sell a TV show and get it on air No

Overall note: This was the first year I separated “things I can control” and “things that depend on other people as well as on me” – I accomplished 6 out of 7 goals I could control (damn is minor weight loss hard!) with 1 still in progress. Of the things I couldn’t directly control, I was 0 for 6.

Ben To Record 4th Comedy Album On November 15

Get your tickets here

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be recording my fourth stand up comedy album on Friday, November 15, 2019.

Ben's Album Recording Flyer

The album is tentatively titled “Don’t Shake Your Miracle” and will be released by Comedy Dynamics.

My new hour will be recorded in front of a live audience (that means you, please come out!) at The PIT Loft in New York, NY.

There will be two shows – 7pm and 9pm.

Get your tickets here


Here’s the official show description:

Fresh off of his last album becoming the #1 best seller in iTunes comedy, Ben Rosenfeld returns to record his fourth live stand up comedy album. Join Ben as he makes light of being a Russian Jewish immigrant in today’s America, his experiences as a new dad and surviving two car crashes.